Levi Jordan Plantation


by Carol McDavid

This is a web site about an archaeological and historical site in Brazoria, Texas – the Levi Jordan Plantation.

The plantation was built in 1848 by Levi Jordan, his family, and the people who worked for them as slaves and, later, as tenant farmers and sharecroppers. This web site attempts to discuss the lives of ALL of these people, and covers a period from 1848 until about 1888-1890.


This carved shell "cameo" was found in the slave and tenant quarters of this plantation, and was made by one of the people who lived there. See "Shell Carver's Cabin" for more details.

Our apologies for any missing links or images that may appear in these pages. We are updating this web site and it will take some time to complete this process. In addition, please note that the Levi Jordan Plantation is now owned by the State of Texas, and managed by the Texas Historical Commission (THC). However, the Levi Jordan Plantation Historical Society (which manages these pages) is still active. Future site updates will include links to THC pages, tour information, etc. In the meantime, for information please contact the addresses listed at the bottom of this page.

It is also a web site that is designed to help us learn more about how people talk about archaeology and history on the Internet.

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We also hope the site will show something about how historical and archaeological "truth" are written.

This knowledge is always provisional and tentative. There is much here about how archaeologists and historians do their work, but we don't have all the answers. Our hope is to share what we've learned and give you opportunities to educate us too.

Who did the archaeological and historical research discussed here?

All of the archaeological and historical research on this web site was either conducted or supervised by the project's archaeological director, Dr. Kenneth L. Brown. This web site wouldn't exist at all without his continued (and generous) support and involvement. This is a collaborative project, and through the years many people (descendants, students and others) have been involved.

We're not done yet!

A few of the links will lead to pages that are unfinished – that's because we have lots of ideas about what to do with the web site, and haven't had time to actually do them all!

What's next?

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